Are you looking to shake up education? Need some help formulating your teaching and learning content? As an education writer with classroom experience, I am passionate about working with businesses that are out to inspire the next generation of learners. Get in touch.


Ready to start a pedagogical revolution? I’m all ears. As a former teacher, I first-hand experienced the flaws in today’s education system. Unfortunately, governmental change has been incremental, leaving it down to the private sector to shake things up. If your company is set to transform pedagogy, bringing it up to speed to the modern-day world, you’re probably going to need some copy. Get in contact and see how I can help.


Technology is inescapable in today’s society, except in the classroom? Unfortunately, education today isn’t all that different to 40 or more years ago. Whilst there might be an increased presence of tech in the classroom, how much of that is used meaningfully? Jobs are demanding a digital skillset that learners aren’t necessarily leaving education with. Enter, EdTech. And what does every great idea need? Great copy. Get in touch.