Out to inspire the women of the world to lift more weights? Got a wellness tracking app that has proven mental health benefits? No matter your specific business in the health industry, if your overarching mission is to help others then get in touch today and see how I can help you.


Having been on my own health journey I have a lot of experience in weight loss, strength training, mental health issues, nutrition and more. In my role as a freelance fitness writer I look to partner with brands who are as enthusiastic as me about sustainable wellbeing; companies that shun quick fixes in favour of reliable health-promoting products + services.

I also have credentials in the fitness space as a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer. Aside from that, I’m able to search, source and cite scientific literature to give reassurance and authority to the words I write; giving both you and your consumers peace of mind.

women's health

Unfortunately, when it comes to health and fitness, blanket advice is not always applicable to all women. Having first-hand experience of the impact of hormonal fluctuations, I set out to further educate myself on women’s health. That’s why I’m currently undertaking a women’s coaching specialist certification. 

If your brand is as passionate about empowering women as I am, I’d love to collaborate with you. As a women’s wellness copywriter I can write for your target audience and understand their pain points, creating empathetic copy that resonates.


In an increasingly stressed-out world, wellness is more important than ever. By taking the time to slow down, switch off and focus inwards, we can find some inner peace and balance in our busy lives.

Whether it’s via meditation, a yoga class or taking a candle-lit bath, most of us would benefit from adding a little self-care into our routines. If you have a product, idea or movement that betters the wellbeing of others, then as a health and wellness freelance copywriter I can help you spread the message.