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Hi! I’m Michaela, a UK-based freelance beauty & fitness writer and qualified Personal Trainer. I’ve been crafting copy for brands in the beauty, health & wellness space for over 2 years. 

I love finding words that capture a brand’s essence and resonate with their audience. With an enthusiasm for nature, fitness & clean living, I relish the opportunity to collaborate with brands that align with my own passions. 

“Through copy we can convey emotion, tone and purpose & truly connect with consumers. ”


Maybe you already know exactly what kind of content you’re looking for. Perhaps you need a little direction.

Copy can be confusing. 

As a freelance health and wellness copywriter & beauty writer, that’s where I step in. So here’s a quick rundown of the different content writer services I offer to help your brand find its voice…


Copy is all about generating brand awareness through the power of words. Essentially it’s the foundation of your marketing, weaving it’s way through your online and offline presence. As a freelance beauty & natural health copywriter I can help you by creating catchy headlines, enticing product descriptions and more. Looking for a blog writer for hire? No problem, my writing services also cover articles and blog posts too. 

SEO & Planning

Keyword placement, article structure, white space, engagement, readability, bucket brigades, keyword density, subheadings – these are all things I keep in mind to ensure I’m applying SEO best practices to the work I do. You see, I’m not just a health & wellness copywriter,  I’m also able to help you identify some great keywords for your brand and help you put these into play.


Growing up in a salon environment, I got to grips with the beauty industry, from the inside out. I’ve since gone on to add ‘freelance beauty copywriter’ to my CV, working with many beauty brands to create content that nails their brand voice and solidifies their presence in the market. From household names to new start-ups, I’ve created engaging web copy, enticing product descriptions and informative blog posts for beauty brands across the globe.

Consumers are becoming more ingredient savvy and eco-conscious, which is why I particularly specialise in green beauty copywriting. Many of the companies I collaborate with prioritise natural formulations and sustainable practices. If you’re a natural beauty company, I’m ready to help bring your brand to life with the right words.


Having been on my own health journey I have a lot of experience in weight loss, strength training, mental health issues, nutrition and more. In my role as a fitness writer & freelance health copywriter, I look to partner with brands who are as enthusiastic as me about sustainable wellbeing; companies that shun quick fixes in favour of reliable health-promoting products.

I also have credentials in the fitness space as a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer. Aside from that, I’m able to search, source and cite scientific literature to give reassurance and authority to the words I write; giving both you and your consumers peace of mind.


In an increasingly stressed-out world, wellness is more important than ever. By taking the time to slow down, switch off and focus inwards we can find some inner peace and balance in our busy lives.

Whether it’s via meditation, a yoga class or taking a candle-lit bath, most of us would benefit from adding a little self-care into our routines. If you have a product, idea or movement that betters the wellbeing of others, then as a health and wellness copywriter I can help you spread the message.


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Whatever your copywriting needs I’d love to know a bit more about you, your brand and vision. 

Need some words, but feeling a bit confused? I’m happy to make some suggestions on how I can assist you with my content writer services – no obligations!

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Freelance copywriter rates can vary wildly, but this is often reflective of the quality of the service you’re getting. I charge competitive prices that mirror my experience and skillset. There are a few different ways I can price up your project (hourly, daily, per project etc) and I’ll be happy to discuss these with you. 

From those short and snappy taglines to those more in-depth guides. Every piece I write stays true to who you are. Any words can be thrown together, but I take pride in writing copy that tells a story, selling an experience to your audience. 

To ensure originality I really get to grips with what your brand is all about. What does it stand for, what’s its mission and who’s the target audience? This all helps to build up an image, a brand identity, which can then be woven through the copy.

​I make sure to truly understand your needs, but I’m also happy to bring ideas to the table. Plus I’m friendly, approachable, realistic and happy to help. Not to mention, I’m a specialised freelance health and wellness copywriter and beauty writer, meaning you get a service tailored towards your brand’s niche.

After working with 25+ brands over 2+ years you can rest assured that I’m organised in my approach to any projects I take on. I’m also flexible to the needs and demands of your own business, but my process typically looks like this:

> Initial discussion to flesh out the scope of the project (I’m happy to do this via email, phone call, Skype etc).

> A plan of action with anticipated delivery dates and a cost breakdown.

> Regular check-ins to keep you in the loop with how the project is progressing.

In short, no. Realistically anyone can write the content they need. However, the difference between generic copy and content from a copywriter is vast. I have experience in crafting prose that resonates and engages with an audience whilst embodying the tone of a brand. 

With content marketing 3x more effective at generating leads than paid for advertising, it’s really worth investing in your copy. 

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